Building CodeSD-SD
DescriptionMNSU_SD_Sports Dome(SD-SD)
NotesStudent Use information: Open Dome (Open Recreation) Current MNSU students may use the Maverick All-Sports Dome for free during any of our open dome times by simply showing their MavCard at the sports dome front desk. Open dome use is first-come-first-serve, but individual groups are not allowed to monopolize a field during open dome times. A list of open dome times over the next two weeks can be seen here: The open dome schedule is updated each Monday to provide a 2 week outlook of open dome times. Renting the Dome for Exclusive use For exclusive use of a field or entire dome (when available) there is a rental charge per field, per hour to student organizations. The cost for officially recognized student organization (RSO) is $75per hour, per field which is half the cost of a general community group rate of 150/hr. RSO’s Interested in renting the Maverick Sports Dome for exclusive use can contact Todd Pfingsten at
Room CodeBC3
DescriptionBC3 Batting Cage 3
Room TypeAthletic or Physical Education - 520
Setup Hours0.00
Teardown Hours0.00
Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
Academic Use Only00
No Setup00
No Features Defined